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Do you own a home in Tulare County, CA that you need to sell fast?

There is an answer: Osborne Homes. We buy homes in any condition for cash, in as few as seven days.

It doesn’t matter if your home needs extensive repairs or if it’s currently rented out to tenants. We will make you a fair offer based on the latest market information, and pay you in cash. You don’t have to struggle with a house you can’t afford or can’t maintain. Sell your home quickly to us. We can help take an unwanted property off of your hands and make the process easy for you.

We Want to Buy Your Tulare Home.

People who love nature love Tulare. As home to Sequoia National Park and Mineral King Valley, it’s a haven for the outdoorsy. And don’t forget General Sherman, the world’s largest tree. It’s perfect if you love an agricultural community where fresh fruits and veggies are always in season, and love sauntering through the Porterville Iris Festival or First Fridays in Visalia.

But no matter how relaxed life is in this beautiful county, you may need to sell your house. And if you’re in a situation where you need to sell it as soon as possible, make Osborne Homes your first (and last) stop. We have purchased almost 2,000 homes across California, paying homeowners fair cash offers fast. If you need help, we can buy yours, too.

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Osborne Homes Is the Best Cash Home Buyer in Tulare.

When you work with us you’ll get a single point of contact, your purchasing agent, who will walk you through every step of the sale and answer any questions you have. You won’t have to deal with a real estate agent or pay fees. You won’t have to list your home on MLS and wait weeks or months to find a serious buyer. You won’t have to hold open houses, which can be inconvenient and time consuming. You won’t have to deal with lowball offers, lengthy negotiations, or a buyer who requests repairs, termite tenting, or even a new coat of paint. What you do get is an enthusiastic buyer who knows how to speed the sale of your home and has cash on hand to pay for it. When you’re in a situation where you have to sell your home as quickly as possible, we are your solution.

How It Works.

We’ve perfected the Tulare County home buying process to make it quick and effortless for you. Contact us and we’ll do all the legwork: We’ll start by asking you some basic questions, visiting your property, and determining your home’s valuation. We’ll make you a fair offer based on the most current market information, and if you accept we’ll write a purchase agreement, set a closing date, and conduct inspections. Then we’ll put your money in an escrow account for you and close. It’s fast, it’s fair, and it makes trading your home in for cash as simple as giving us a call.

We Understand Why You Need to Sell Your Tulare County Home Fast.

There are many reasons homeowners want to sell their homes quickly, but they all have one thing in common: the property has become a burden to the homeowner. An unwanted home takes up your time, finances, and energy, but it doesn’t have to. Don’t stay tied to a place that is making you unhappy. If any of these problems sound familiar, let us help.

  • Are you getting ready to retire and downsize from your current home?

    Sell us your house and get into a smaller one that meets your lifestyle.

  • Are you selling a home you inherited?

    Don’t pay property taxes on it or struggle to repair it. Trade it in for cash with us.

  • Do your tenants make you miserable?

    Don’t bother renting your property anymore. Avoid late payments and damaged property by selling it to us.

  • Have you been struggling to make mortgage payments and are headed for foreclosure?

    Let us buy your home and end your financial problems before they can get any worse.

  • Have you moved far away, even out of state?

    Selling a home from another state can be a pain. Save yourself a lot of time and frustration by selling it to us.

  • Is selling multiple properties becoming a headache?

    We can buy all your properties with the stroke of a pen.

  • Does your home need repairs you can’t afford?

    We’ll buy it from you in whatever state it’s currently in.

When You’re Ready to Sell, Give Us a Call.

Are you ready to sell the home that’s holding you back? We’re ready to get started when you are. Give us a call at (559) 500-3610, or fill out our contact form so we can talk. You don’t have to struggle with a house you no longer want. Sell it to us now and take back your life.