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We Buy Sacramento Houses Fast with Fair Offers.

Do you need to sell your Sacramento County, CA home but can’t wait weeks or months to find a buyer? Are you under the pressure of time constraints, such as impending foreclosure or relocating to another state? There is a buyer who can work fast enough to help you: Osborne Homes. We buy homes in any condition for cash, in as few as seven days.

We don’t care if your home needs extensive repairs or if it’s currently rented out to tenants. We’ll buy it. We can make you a fair offer based on the latest market information, and pay you in cash. Don’t struggle with a home you can’t afford or don’t want a day longer. Let us buy your home and take your problems off your hands.

We Want to Buy Your Sacramento Home.

Locals know Sacramento County has something for everyone. Kids love the Sacramento Zoo and Raging Waters. Art lovers enjoy The Crocker Art Museum, while history buffs can take in Old Sacramento and the state Capitol Building and Capitol Park. The county has some of Central Valley’s best vintage shopping at Scout Living, farm-to-table dining at Grange, and beer at Ruhstaller. But if your home has depreciated in value over the past decade, it may be time to sell it. And that’s where we come in.

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Osborne Homes Is the Best Cash Home Buyer in Sacramento.

Why are we the best cash home buyer in town? Because we make selling your home to us quick and easy. We’ve done so for over 1,800 California homeowners. Work with us. We’ll assign you your own purchasing agent: a single point of contact who will walk you through every step of the sale and answer your questions. You won’t have to list your home on MLS and wait months to find a serious buyer, or deal with lowball offers and time-consuming negotiations. You won’t have to fix up the property and hold an open house. And you won’t have to pay real estate agent fees. We’ll do the legwork required to get your home sold and hand you cash at the end of the process. It’s how we make your life easier.

How It Works.

Our job is to make selling your home as fast and straightforward as possible. We start by asking you a few questions, gathering info and visiting your property to determine your home’s valuation. Then we can make you a fair offer based on the latest market information. We next write a purchase agreement, set a closing date, and conduct inspections. We will send your money to an escrow account established in your name, have the closing, and it’s done. You can get your cash and get rid of a troublesome home, in as fast as seven days.

Why Sacramento County Homeowners Sell Us Their Homes.

Owning a home has its ups and downs, and sometimes homeowners get into difficult situations. Selling their home becomes their best option, and the sooner they sell it the better. We’ve worked with thousands of homeowners over the past decade and have heard and seen it all. Are you dealing with any of these problems? If so, we can help.

  • Are you getting ready to retire?

    Our process makes selling your home easy so you can focus on your golden years.

  • Has someone willed you a home you don’t want?

    Don’t bother maintaining an unwanted inherited home—cash it in with us.

  • Are you sick of the hassles that come with renting your home?

    There’s no need to struggle with difficult tenants. Sell us your home, even if it’s currently rented, and get its value in cash up front.

  • Do you owe more than your home is worth? Are you facing foreclosure?

    Don’t wait until your financial situation gets any worse. Sell us your home now.

  • Have you moved out of state?

    Selling your home from another state can get complicated. Avoid the hassle with a quick cash sale.

  • Do you own multiple properties?

    We’ll buy each of your homes so you don’t have to look for or negotiate with multiple buyers.

  • Does your home need a lot of repairs?

    We can buy it no matter what condition it’s in, so you don’t have to bother making repairs.

When You’re Ready to Trade Your Home in for Cash, Give us a Call.

Are you tired of your unsold home and dealing with all its problems? Let us buy it from you now. To get started, give us a call at (559) 500-3610, or fill out this form. The sooner we talk, the sooner we can make you a fair offer.